the anti-heroine of an era of bathtub gin, organized crime, and jazz, clouded in the smoke of fired guns and cigarettes.
Life isn’t Boring: YOU ARE

Reducing the magnitude and complexity of life’s possibilities into cynical terms like “boring, dull, repetitive” etc, is rooted in the misconception that the unfulfilling routine that you consent to, is the extent of what you’re capable of experiencing. This is essentially to perceive existence through the narrow consumer lenses crafted for us.

You need to begin breaking down all of your conditioned boundaries; there is always something to do, oppression to transcend, experiences to explore, a universe to comprehend, intimate connections to establish with others, and challenges that provide fuel for personal refinement.

Limit time spent on mediums of pseudo-interaction, such as television, video games, movies, and cell phones; you don’t want to undermine the vivid sensation of living by isolating yourself in the flat world of simulation. These are artificial luxuries and will never make you happy.

Maybe you’re not really too tired, maybe it’s not too cold out, maybe you should try calling someone, maybe you need to just leave your house for once, maybe you should start approaching people, maybe you can actually express yourself honestly, maybe you can disagree with people, maybe tell them you love them, maybe today you stop killing yourself.

Your “comfort zone” is a prison; you simply have to risk “biting off more than you can chew”, because the only alternative is starvation; cultivate a lifestyle in accord with the magnitude of your ambition and embrace the tribulations that come with realizing your potential, or decay in passive observation, and perpetually mourn your self-disgust.

Realize that you are going to die, and that your opportunity is limited; worse case scenario, you go back to staring at your computer screen. You’ve got nothing to lose except a potential lifetime of disappointment.

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